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Twin Troller X10
Patented Twin Troller Propulsion System:
- MotorGuide Trolling Motors
- Constructed of Aluminum & Stainless Steel
- Full Variable Speed Digital Controllers
- Long-lasting, Trouble-free Operation

Why is Our Boat Construction Better?
Twin Troller boats are rotomolded using state-of-the art SURPASSŪ polyethylene resin. The resin is both
lighter and much tougher than fibreglass. It's easy molding characteristics allow the hull to be rotomolded
in one piece, complete with features such as chair rails and cupholders. The hull is free of seams and
joints, and wipes clean easily. Color is molded throughout the part, making minor scratches disappear.
SURPASSŪ polyethylene, used both for the hull shell and the integral foam core, maintains high impact
strength, from summer heat to -40 Degrees. The hull resin is UV protected for a long outdoor life and
can be recycled.

Twin Troller Boats from Carolina Electric Boats come fully rigged, ready to hit the water with the
Twin Troller Propulsion System, seats, and seat rails. The boats are 48" wide and can slide conveniently
in the bed of any pickup truck and many SUV's.

SURPASSŪ is a registered trademark of NOVA Chemicals Corporation in Canada and of NOVA Chemicals
(International) S.A. elsewhere.

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Backwater Beige
Clearwater Blue
Oak Moss Green
No other boat manuevers like a Carolina
Electric Boats' Twin Troller X10!
Boat with/ Two Seats
Length: 10'
Width: 48"
Weight: Approx. 175 lbs.
Capacity: 585 lbs.
Outboard Power Rating: 2 hp
Electric Motors Included: (2) 36 lb Thrust
Complete Foot Pedal Control System
Seat Rails to Secure Seats

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Operation of a Twin Troller Boat is completely hands free.

The independent foot control pedals and corresponding trolling motors allow the boat to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of
pressure placed on the foot pedals.

These boats can move straight forward, straight backwards, make 90 degree turns to the right or left, or rotate 360 degrees in one location. If you
need to get in a tight location, or just want to have a little fun on the water, a Twin Troller Boat is the boat for you. These boats can spin on a dime!!!

A Twin Troller boat, an offering of Carolina Electric Boats, excels on windy days. With hands-free operation and full variable speed control of the
motors, adjusting for wind conditions is no longer a problem. By adjusting the amount of heel or toe pressure that you apply to the independent foot
pedals you easily maneuver the boat to the location where you want to fish, and you'll stay in that location.
Avoid the constant worry of fighting the wind (by making adjustments with your hand operated motor) and have your hands freed up to fish more;
No more anchoring the boat to hold your position, No more back-and-forth fishing, and being blown all over the lake. Your days of staying home on
windy days, or trying to hide from the wind will be over!!

In addition, with our new in-hull motor design, there are no motor props below the boat bottom to hit obstructions. This results in minimum draft
requirements. Our boats go where other boats can't!!

To move forward you simply press the foot pedals forward. Varying the amount of pressure you put on the pedals allows you to adjust your
forward speed.

To turn right or left you simply vary the amount of pressure you put on the independent pedals. To move in reverse you use your heels to put
pressure on the back of the pedal. The result is the boat has the same level of maneuverability in reverse as it does in the forward direction.

A Twin Troller Boat can make a pivot turn without changing locations. We know of no other boat on the market that offers this type of hands-free
control. To accomplish this maneuver all you do is apply forward pressure to one pedal while applying heel pressure on the other. The boat will
laterally "spin" in place!
A Twin Troller Boat Will Change The Way You Fish!!!!